We don’t just move the chairs around and change the colour scheme. This year the hospitality industry has been put through the biggest blender imaginable. Confidence is shot and for those that have survived, the future looks uncertain.

But amongst all the chaos there is always opportunity – we know, we’ve been through the financial crash and recessions before. As always, those who can keep their heads, understand their market and their customers best will emerge stronger and become the success stories of tomorrow.

We have extensive experience in banqueting facilities; conference centres; dining outlets; food retail; hotels and accommodation; live music menus; pubs and clubs.

Key Contacts

What we do

  • Business turnaround
  • Post lockdown business and financial planning including scenario building
  • Mergers and acquisitions including opportunity appraisal and due diligence services
  • Restructuring and refinancing
  • Business improvement, change management and business culture change
  • Operational and Financial process improvement
  • Senior management team recruitment and capacity building
  • Employee development including links to government funded skills provision

“GJC’s strategic input has transformed my business. Revenue is up 97% year on year and we have a clear plan to continue growth at that kind of level.”

Martin Limburn, Managing Director, Limtech Limited

Track Record

  • GJC serves up £21.5 million private equity for hotel company

  • Experienced COO/MD with a variety of businesses within the hospitality sector
  • Operated a number of global brands including KFC, Starbucks, Burger King and TWG Tea in a variety of locations.
  • Experienced CFO/FD with £65M+ of business exits delivered
  • Track record of business turnaround
  • 10 years+ business ownership of a multi-site Bars, Clubs, C&B and live music venue group
  • Multi venue live music festival founder and owner
  • Extensive Conference and Banqueting experience, from start up through to major destination
  • Track record of driving business growth, change and process improvement.
  • Leading figure on the project team which secured a multi-year £10 million catering contract
  • Worked as part of a team to bring a plant-based food concept and an Indian food to go concept to market
  • Undertook the role of advisory board member for a charity and a social enterprise.
  • Helped an Indian QSR concept with its growth and franchisee acquisition strategy.
  • Led a team which successfully rebranded a hospital-based coffee chain.
  • Acted as an advisor to a contract catering business.
  • Oversaw the creation and introduction of an app which combined loyalty, wave and pay and delivery in one package. The app had over twelve thousand downloads with 50% of them converted into regular users.
  • Introduced a UK coffee champion who created a program which improved the quality and increased sales of our hot drinks category
  • Led a project designed to enhance the customer experience by improving recruitment, induction, customer service training, reward and recognition and the introduction of a mystery shopper program which improved the net promoter score from 2% to 27%.
  • Experience in a variety of roles from GM to Operations Director
  • Oversaw significant sales growth from £6.5m to £9.8m
  • Operations Director for a Venture Capitalist company in London overseeing multi-million pounds of investment into a hotel group
  • Quickly rose through the ranks to become General Manager, the youngest GM of a five star hotel in Europe…
  • Overseeing the transformation of Costa Coffee from a niche hotel brand to a mainstream retail brand
  • Regularly brought in to help businesses in a financial or operational difficulty, he often finds the underlying problem is a cultural issue
  • Led a culture change project that  increased a client’s turnover from £27million to £34 million – bringing them into profit for the first time in ten years
  • Operations, project management, behavioural change and customer service with private equity backed companies across the hospitality sector.
  • Senior positions for a number of companies that have annual turnover of £500 million with a net worth of £2 billion.
  • Over 25 years of experience in the British holiday industry and the London hotel market.
  • New hotel openings and working with the Cabinet Office’s Behavioural Insight Team. instrumental in delivering the Olympic 2012 strategy for WorldHost™ to the sector
  • Devised and delivered multiple bespoke customer service training and worked with businesses delivering strategy