Gavin Jones

Owner and CEO

Personal Bio

The driving force behind GJC, Gavin Jones has been helping companies to grow for much of his 20 year career. As a business owner himself he understands how to sustainably grow an SME and how to get the best price for a company when it sells. He is never afraid to get his hands “dirty” and work shoulder to shoulder with his clients.

As well as helping SMEs, Gavin has built three of his own companies from scratch, with the largest currently turning over more than £1m.

Gavin got his Degree in Management from the University of Plymouth. His career started in hospitality and he worked for some of the biggest hospitality companies in the UK. He gathered experience in a variety of roles from GM to Operations Director, before moving to a consultant role in a training company. In this role he oversaw significant sales growth from £6.5m to £9.8m. Gavin also worked as a Operations Director for a Venture Capitalist company in London overseeing multi-million pounds of investment into a hotel group.

Gavin has the experience, knowledge and skill to propel and SME forwards and he has built a team at GJC to do exactly that.

Interview with Gavin