Testimonials from our existing associates.

Thoroughly enjoying with such a great network of talented people

My ambitions to be a Portfolio Finance Director go back a few years, most of my career up to that point had been with big PLC’s and International Businesses and I gained a huge amount of experience however the monthly cycle of month end, forecasting, a bit of commercial value added stuff then month end again started to become monotonous. I had worked with a few SME’s over the years and always enjoyed the immediacy of decision making and that the impact of those decisions could be seen and felt almost immediately. When I took the plunge to go fully portfolio, having a trusted partner behind me seemed the most sensible way to go and I was immediately struck with both Gavin Jones as a person and his ambitions to grow his business working with FD associates and, as importantly, those from other business disciplines. A few years in, I’m loving the variety of work that being a Portfolio FD offers; from putting solid financial foundations in place to help a business grow in a controlled way to raising debt or equity finance to supporting business owners with exit planning. Each day is different and I’m thoroughly enjoying with such a great network of talented people and a great mix of clients.

David Appleton

I am better able to add value to my clients

Having already developed my own consultancy I joined GJC as I felt that working as part of an experienced team of consultants would help me extend my client base. One year after joining I have taken on more clients and been involved in some interesting projects. I have also developed my skills as a consultant and feel that I am better able to add value to my clients

Paolo Peretti

Made great connections across various disciplines

I first met Gavin about a year ago having spent the previous decade as a Portfolio Finance Director and Consultant. Throughout that time there were many occasions where the client needed more than Financial direction and consultancy which involved reaching out to other providers which was at times rather inefficient.

Gavin’s vision to have a multi-disciplinary boutique advisory practice that was founded on the principle of using very experienced professionals who had “real life’ experience really attracted me to join GJC. Since joining I’ve been really impressed with the other Associates and have made great connections across various disciplines. The combined offering is far stronger due to this extended support and can only benefit our clients. I look forward to working with Gavin and the team for many years to come.

David Annable

Every day presents opportunity, flexibility and motivational challenge

I joined GJC Associates in August 2020, coming from more than 25 years spent in corporate world, travelling on the never ending corporate highway. Whilst finalising my last Financial and IT Systems transformation programmes, I came across GJC Associates on a social media platform, where a link was sent to me by a college. Gavin and I met for a coffee, whilst talking to Gavin it transpired our career histories were almost identical, multiple sector senior leadership roles, with good exposure to professional services and hospitality, including SME business ownership. Needless to say Gavin and I got on tremendously and I joined GJC only 4 weeks afterwards. Moving into the consultancy space is a challenge for anyone who tries it, you need to take the jump, it is a different way of thinking, but not unachievable for anyone, including myself. Every day is different, every day presents opportunity, flexibility and motivational challenge. Every day I have thoroughly enjoyed, I am excited to see what the future brings.

Lee Anderson-Frogley