At GJC we understand the complexities of raising finance...

With a combined 50 plus years of experience in this field we’re best placed to provide support to SME’s on helping them create and promote financial solutions to meet their funding needs. We advise and support our clients every step of the way; from identifying the type of capital a business needs to raising and structuring funds. We work closely with over 60 private equity, family office and venture capital funds, this allows us to partner our clients with the best possible funding partner from a cultural, sector and exit perspective.

We have a robust process in which we take every client through, ensuring you are supported throughout.

Step One

Preparation is key to successful fundraising. We will take you through a comprehensive process to help you get the best outcomes by:

• Using our unique deep dive reviewing software, we get right under the skin of the business, producing you a detailed report to suggest opportunities for the business to become better investment ready.

• We will give you a realistic valuation of your business and help you improve your business plan so that it includes all the areas that a potential investor would need to consider before financing the business, a reverse investor due diligence exercise if you like.

• We will assess the management team and advise you on how to enhance it if necessary. We can also guide you on the level of investment, if any, that management should offer as part of the transaction.

Step Two

• Preparation of investor ready P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow forecasts that support an application of equity capital

• Preparation of an Information Memorandum (IM) to include highlights of the financial documents above

• Support with the preparation of a market ready teaser document and a pitch document in order to attract potential investors (the Company recommends additional marketing input for the pitch document to maximise potential)

Step Three

• Produce a short list of PE funds that have suitable compatibility, from a sector, culture and exit perspective.

• Discussion of the opportunity with potential the potential investors on the shortlist known to the GJC network

• Support with the discussion between The Client and potential investors through to an offer of investment

• We will help structure funding so that it works for the long term.

• We will project manage the whole process from transaction, liaising with the specialist legal, tax, due diligence through to completion, leaving you, the management team, as free as possible to focus on running the business.

Step Four

Once investment is completed, we stay on with you the business owners to continue to advise you on how to achieve the plan, and become a interface with the investor, allowing you the management team to focus on the day job of growing your organisation.

Key Contacts

What we do

  • Get your business Investor ready
  • Conduct a business valuation
  • Work with your management teams
  • Attract potential investors
  • Project manage the entire transition

“We’ve worked with GJC over the past couple of years on creating a group structure for growth. So far, we’ve completed two acquisitions and nearly doubled our revenue.”

Martyn King, Managing Director, Fuel