GJC announce a double senior appointment

The fast growth business consultancy GJC Advisory has boosted two of its divisions with senior appointments in Marketing and Business Transformation. Laura Di Bonaventura joins as a senior Marketing expert while Yohan Hewagama joins as an expert in Business Transformation.

Laura Di Bonaventura is a top level, strategic global marketing expert who has worked on digital campaigns, product launches and loyalty programmes.  Laura started her career in marketing just over 20 years ago and has risen through the ranks at one of the world’s most recognisable toy brands, LEGO. When she left the business in 2019, she was Global Marketing Director for LEGOs digital channels.

Laura combines outstanding commercial understanding and analytical skills with the ability to implement and execute, but above anything else she has a proven track record for delivering the most impactful marketing plans.

Yohan Hewagama has nearly 20 years in business and during that time has worked out of Asia and Europe. In his role as a Business Transformation and HR specialist consultant, Yohan has worked out how you look after people properly and how you get the very best out of them so that businesses and clients feel the full benefit.

During his career Yohan has overseen organisational transformation, change management, employee acquisition, staff development and most importantly talent retention. Anyone looking to improve their organisation, always looks towards their talent first and that’s what Yohan does better than most.

Commenting on the two new appointments, GJC Advisory CEO Gavin Jones said: “We’re delighted to have attracted Laura and Yohan to our growing team of high-calibre consultants. They both have proven track records, are well respected operators in their respective fields, and they will bring something extra to the team that is sure to benefit our existing and prospective clients.” 

The company now has over 30 senior consultants advising clients across the UK on business and finance strategy , mergers and acquisitions, private equity and turnaround projects.