Fractional Director Support

Every business, regardless of their size or stage of development, needs strategic financial advice and support.

Too often, owners and managing directors are left to carry out all the strategic thinking and financial roles themselves or they are forced to only operate with limited financial data. If you’re a growing business and considering employing a full time Finance Director, you will be concerned at the potential investment and cost this takes. At GJC, we believe our solution offers the benefit that provides both financial direction and support but at a fraction of the price.

Our team of experienced finance directors can deliver to your needs by offering services that are tailored made ensuring the cost and subsequent benefit is maximised for you. Our approach is agile and our experts cover a wide range of industries and bring years of experience that you would normally associate with larger companies.

Our aim therefore is to provide strategic analysis on every financial aspect of your business to ensure your success is maximised. In delivering this, we can offer:

•better understanding of the financial position of the business and how to identify what needs to be achieved to turn around the company’s performance

•creating a dashboard with key performance indicators that allows you to manage key areas of your business

•strategic input particularly if you are seeking growth through acquisition

•understanding the financial levers to maximise a future exit plan

•tools to deliver management reporting with improved integrity and frequency to support better business decisions

•understanding how money is made, how to drive growth and therefore create value in your business

•your stakeholders piece of mind that you are investing in financial expertise to ensure good financial governance and risk mitigation; and

•crisis management guidance to produce short-term cashflow reports, identifying costs that can be cut and helping with raising vital funds

Finally at GJC, we are aware of the disruption caused to the economic landscape in the last 18 months and so by bringing a commercial awareness through a financial lens, we aim to mitigate the risks businesses are still facing.


Written By: Philip Ward