Bill Douthwaite Case Study

Our associates use their expertise in an objective way and through small steps and using their skills they get clients to think in a different way and can add huge value to any business. If you would like to learn more on how we can help shape your business for growth get in touch today.

In late 2020 our associate Bill Douthwaite took on a new client on with the specific task of looking to get their charge out rate up.  His client provides repair and refurbishment of industrial cooling systems and they principally charge by the man day.

By rephrasing the proposal day rate between local and stay away they have been able to obtain a 10%+ increase plus have been able to start to charging for specialist equipment which was previously provided free of charge.  Together these should add £50,000+ to annual profitability.  Further work is still ongoing on quoting for European work at an even larger increase in day rates achieved.

Their inhouse team had no previous experience of making R&D Tax Credit claims.  This month Bill convinced them to engage with specialist R&D tax consultants and have provided the information required to claim for the past 2 years.  The claim went in within 2 weeks via the company’s accountants and net of agents’ fee they are now entitled to £30,000+ tax/cash refund.

Bill continues to work and mentor the client on an ongoing basis on how he can best utilise his skills and expertise, ensuring that his client doesn’t undervalue himself or his offering. This piece of work should add another £20,000 a year to profitability.