Top level, senior business expert strengthens GJC team

The fast growth business consultancy GJC has strengthened its team with the appointment of David Sullivan, a senior business expert with years of experience at the very top level.

David is an accomplished, strategic and change-orientated senior executive with extensive experience in sales and marketing leadership, business development and customer relationship management. After a number roles in business, he joined the Swedish automotive brand Volvo in 2001 as Commercial Director in the truck and bus business. He took over as Managing Director in 2009, a position he held for over 10 years.

During his time as Managing Director at Volvo truck and bus, David oversaw a turnover of £100m and had twelve businesses under his direct guidance. Further evidence of his seniority comes from the fact that he was ultimately responsible for 300 members of staff.

Commenting on the new appointment, GJC CEO Gavin Jones said: “Businesses are about teams, but successful businesses have strong people that lead those teams. David is undoubtedly one of those leaders and we’re incredibly pleased to know that he’s part of our GJC team. As businesses come out of recent tough times, strong leadership is going to be vital and in David Sullivan we have an asset that can do just that.”

David himself said: “Success is in always ensuring that any business is in a much better place with its vision, its people and its brand image than it was when you first joined that business. Thankfully, I’ve managed to achieve this in every role I have held.”