Technology is where disruption lives, creating waves of unicorn opportunities and destroying existing revenue streams with equal ease. And it’s not confined by sector or technology area.

Technology and technology-based services increasingly underpin all business, and all established markets face disruption. Add evolutionary pressures from the pandemic and ever-accelerating rates of technology development to create an environment where the best awareness, agility and decision making determine success on a daily basis.

Technology product and service start-ups may have leadership from within the sector or from the technology area itself. While opportunities are great, players need to succeed in riding the wave if they want to win. Leaders need to understand more than the technology, such as how to position to maximise adoption, how to connect with customers that have no prior experience of the technology, where threats come from (substitutes as well as like-for-like) and how to fund and operate their companies to make sure they take advantage of the opportunity waves.

Fortunately, GJC can provide expert assistance as required in any of these areas. The team includes seasoned experts in technology markets, strategy, finance and operations. They can bring their skills to bear as required so that you can concentrate on bringing your vision to reality and meeting your personal aspirations. Whether seeking to maximise growth or plan the most lucrative exit, the way GJC works means you get direct access to these skills in the most cost-effective way. The GJC advantage helps you to ride the wave and win the championship.

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“We’ve worked with GJC over the past couple of years on creating a group structure for growth. So far, we’ve completed two acquisitions and nearly doubled our revenue.”

Martyn King, Managing Director, Fuel