Our business is in helping your business to thrive

Quality coaching can bring so much to an organisation.  There’s nothing much more rewarding than seeing people grow in knowledge and in stature, it brings a whole new dynamic to your working environment.  For larger organisations, our coaching can be bespoke to your precise needs led by personalities who bring about change and improvement. The list below gives you a feel for what we can cover.

For SMEs, we have condensed all of our combined experience into a transformative Business Accelerator Course.  This proven 12-month course enables you to see how your next 12 months are going to be different from your last. The Business Accelerator Course provides a mixture of group classroom-based learning alongside other SMEs (great networking), one-to-one sessions and between-lesson tasks. The course is built around 12 high-impact modules.

Key Contacts

What we do

  • High Level Goals -In the first session we will look at your business from an overall perspective, getting to know you and what you want from the business both in the near future and in terms of an exit strategy. We will set some key targets to help you achieve these ideals.
  • Financials - This session will involve considering your current businesses budgets, cash flow forecasting and ability to finance future growth. We will look to improve reporting helping identify significant profit and loss areas for targeting.
  • Budgets and Plans - Using our new knowledge from session 2, we will start to draw up new budgets, improved reporting and relevant cash flow management for your business. We will consider the key target areas for both increasing income and profit, but also cutting expenditure areas.
  • Customer Strategies - This session will focus on the marketing of the business both currently and future plans, to achieve growth and increased profitability. We will identify your most profitable target markets.
  • Marketing Strategies - Future thought will be made to the general marketing and target market areas of your business in order to achieve the future growth required, we will consider the most profitable market to your business and the ways in which marketing for this sector can be improved.
  • Scorecards and Accountability - This session focuses on the procedures within your business, and the way in which these can assist with business growth and profitability. We will consider improved ways to monitor both people and processes within the business and ensure the correct responsibility measures exist.
  • Systems and Processes - We will look to streamline your systems and processes and help you identify both weaknesses within current practices and areas which can be made more effective. New processes might be required, or existing practices adjusted.
  • Structure for Growth - This session considers what changes might be required in order to react to and manage future growth. New systems, software or people might be needed or changed in order to ensure you can meet future growth targets.
  • Employee Engagement - We consider the people within your business, their targets and desires from the roles they perform and the ways in which these can be achieved whilst also ensuring the business remains profitable and successful. We look to processes to keep people engaged and informed within the daily events of the business.
  • Personal Goals & Culture - We consider you, the business owner, and your hopes and aims for the business. This includes both your daily role and reward within the business currently, but also your plan for exit from the business and the future role and reward you will gain upon this exit.
  • Business Strategy & Value - This session will consider the current business value and how to increase this value both before and upon exit. We will plan an ongoing strategy to help you achieve the exit value you want.
  • Business Review & Future Planning - This session looks again at the business from a high-level perspective, and the changes that have started to be made. We will consider the future strategy to help you achieve the exit plan you want.

“GJC’s strategic input has transformed my business. Revenue is up 97% year on year and we have a clear plan to continue growth at that kind of level.”

Martin Limburn, Managing Director, Limtech Limited

Track record

  • Our Business Accelerator Course alumni have grown their revenue by 42.5%
  • Profits for our Business Accelerator Course alumni have jumped on average by 68.3%
  • Led a culture change project that  increased a client’s turnover from £27million to £34 million – bringing them into profit for the first time in ten years