Our Clients

The two most frequently asked questions when I say I work as an Associate with GJC are What size are client’s generally? and What do they come to you for help with?

It’s a really difficult question to answer as we genuinely don’t have a typical client.

Size wise…

Our client’s range in size turnover wise from about a quarter of a million pounds to the tens of millions of pounds. They can be owner managed and operated through to the top end of SME sizes with hundreds of employees.

The common point with all our clients is that we think by working with them we can add value to them, provide a solution to a specific problem they may have and assist the owner in achieving his or her goals.

Our Associates have worked across businesses of all sizes from owner managed and operated through to multi-national corporations so we are able to provide the best fit both personality and experience wise to our clients. We operate across finance, operations, technology, marketing and general management.

The next question they ask is what do client’s come to you for:

Again, there is no one reason for this. Clients come to us for various reasons including:

Help raising funds to bring an idea they’ve had into commercial reality

Help raising funds and assist with the management of growth

Providing management and consultancy services to consolidate previous growth into a profit

To assist with short term transformation and turnaround issues

To assist in the acquisition of a business or to help the business diversify into new areas

And finally to assist the business owner who is looking to sell his business.

One example of this is we were recently engaged to assist a business owner to fulfil his retirement ambitions and so we have been engaged to negotiate a sale of his business.  In summary it’s a well-established West Midlands based business that sells vehicle cleaning chemicals and associated products.  The business summary is shown below, if you or someone you know might be interested in acquiring it please contact our Associate leading the sale, David Annable at david.annable@gjcadvisory.com


Written By David Annable