Maximising Revenue for UK Breweries: Strategies for Successful Online Sales

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For readers of our previous blog post on ecommerce platforms you’ll know that the brewing industry in the UK has seen a significant shift in consumer behaviour since covid-19. With more consumers now turning to online platforms to buy goods.

With many start up breweries developing and implementing ecommerce platforms to sell their brew and fashionable accessories such as glasses, beermats, bottle openers etc, here we look at how breweries can make the most of their ecommerce platforms and drive traffic and buyers to their sites.  Successful digital marketing should be driving new and previous buyers to your site, increasing their basket amounts on a gradual basis.

Here are some essential tips tailored specifically for growing UK breweries to enhance their online sales and revenue generation.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimizing your website for search engines is critical to rank higher on search results pages like Google and Bing. Start by conducting keyword research that relates to your eCommerce platform and microbrewery products. Then, make sure your website is fully optimized by including those keywords in meta tags, headers, and within your website content. Creating quality content, like blogs or videos, can also help promote your microbrewery’s brand and attract valuable backlinks.

Also think about SEO when writing product descriptions. Ensure the descriptions are optimised for search engine optimisation. Think about what words your site visitors may be looking for when they come to your website.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful tools that a business can use to promote its brand and drive traffic to its eCommerce platform. As a microbrewery, you can use social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram to reach potential customers. Post high-quality pictures and videos of beer and brewing processes, create fun and engaging content, and interact with your followers. Think about extending your product range and advertising through social media. Provide subscription services, limited-edition releases.

In addition, social media advertising tools like Facebook Ads can help you target your ideal customer personas and drive traffic to your eCommerce platform.

Identifying influencers in the beer and alcohol industry can be a great way to promote your microbrewery and eCommerce platform. Seek out bloggers, social media influencers, and YouTube creators who are passionate about craft beer. Reach out to them and offer to provide them with free samples of your products in exchange for promotion. This strategy can be particularly effective for microbreweries just starting to build their audience. You can read our article on how to build successful collaborations here (insert link)

Reviews and Recommendations

If your chosen Ecommerce platform doesn’t have these review features built-in, no worries – there are several third-party review tools that you can use, like Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews or Untappd to give your customers a seamless shopping experience.

Encourage customers to leave reviews by making the process simple and easy to follow.  Display prominent review links on your website, emails, and social media platforms, gently nudging them to share their experiences. Displaying testimonials or customer success stories can work wonders for building trust and enticing potential customers. Highlight them on your website, include them in your marketing materials, and feature them in your social media posts. Don’t forget to engage with this type of user generated content, thanking them for their review, or if needed answer queries directly within the review. Your future customers will thank you for your response and honesty.

Email Marketing

Sending out regular newsletters or other types of emails can be an effective way to drive traffic to your microbrewery eCommerce platform. You can use email to promote sales, share new products, and update subscribers on the latest news related to your microbrewery. Encourage new subscribers by offering discounts or deals when they sign up.

Use your emails to advertise referral marketing which allows you to leverage existing customers to drive new business. Offer referral rewards to customers who bring new customers to your microbrewery. This can be in the form of discounts, exclusive beers, invites to regional events. Help build brand advocacy and loyalty through referral marketing techniques.

Marketing Automation

Choose a suitable marketing automation tool like HubSpot or ActiveCampaign. Sync your website forms and e-commerce system so you can collate data and segment your customer base and categorise your customers based on their beer preferences, purchasing behaviour, or geography.

Use this information to tailor marketing strategies, improve product offerings, and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether it’s announcing new releases, offering exclusive discounts, or simply making them feel like part of your craft beer family, personalised emails can be your secret sauce!

Make the most of your abandoned carts. We’ve all experienced that moment of hesitation when we leave a full shopping cart behind. Marketing automation platforms allow you to give those abandoned carts a gentle nudge. Set up automated email reminders to entice customers back, offer special deals, or sprinkle in some witty humour to win back those lost sales.

Livechat and DM’s

For growing breweries, leveraging live chat and social media direct messages (DMs) can significantly enhance customer engagement and support their journey into the digital landscape.

Offering live chat support on your website provides immediate assistance to visitors exploring your brewery’s products. Potential customers can have their queries answered promptly, potentially resulting in increased conversions. Live chat can also assist customers with troubleshooting, order-related inquiries, or any assistance needed during the buying process.

Not all queries come through website channels though, so makes sure you enable DMs on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok to provide swift responses to customer inquiries, product queries, or feedback. Responding promptly helps in building rapport and addressing concerns effectively.

DMs present an opportunity to build relationships and loyalty. Engage with customers beyond just sales, sharing behind-the-scenes brewery stories, upcoming events, or exclusive content.

Adapting to the digital landscape and implementing these strategies can significantly enhance online sales and revenue for growing breweries in the UK.

By focusing on customer engagement, convenience, and a compelling online experience, breweries can strengthen their position in the market and create sustained growth through direct online selling.