Is a successful business a mystery?

Do you often ask yourself “Is becoming a successful business a mystery” or “Is the Owner of a successful business practising the Dark Arts”

The answer to both of these questions is an astounding “NO”, there is no mystery or no magic involved. There are of course key ingredients to the recipe of success, ones which should take priority when you are planning, looking to the future and wondering what to do next.

Do you have a set of clearly articulated and documented “Business Goals”, those which are stored away in the deepest depths of the owners mind, or kept silent by the senior leadership team. There is no prescribed number of “Business Goals” needed, although ensure they cover both financial and non financial aspects of your business, being designed to set your business apart from your competitors.

Once you have clearly articulated and documented your business goals, you will need to formulate your “Success Strategies” which will guide you on your journey to achieving your business goals. With no “Success Strategies” it will be like travelling to a destination you have not been to before, without satellite navigation or a map printed from AA route planner to-hand. Driving your business blind on a route you do not know will not deliver success.

To help you navigate the successful business journey it is important to set “Milestones”, these milestones are built up from an action plan with dates assigned to actions and tasks. “Milestones” are linked to success strategies, being a critical navigation tool in your runway to success.

The “Runway to Success”

GJC have designed a thought provoking, fully engaging workshop, supporting MGAs with business success, helping MGAs establish business goals, success strategies to achieve business goals and milestones to keep the business on track to achieving their success strategies. Do you want to know about the workshop and how GJC can help MGAs build their “Runway to Business Success” please get in contact.


Written by: Lee Anderson-Frogley