Interview with our very own Laura Di Bonaventura. How working with Cofton Holidays as a Fractional CMO has led to their best ever Christmas ad for the company.

Hi Laura, can you share the inspiration behind the Christmas ad for Coftons Holiday?

Absolutely. Our objective was to develop a campaign that not only captured the joyful essence of the festivities, but also distinguished Coftons in the crowded hospitality advertising market. We aimed to evoke strong emotions and deeply resonate with our audience, ensuring that Coftons becomes an unforgettable choice for holiday celebrations.
As a team, we sat and brainstormed how we wanted our audience to feel after watching our Christmas adverts. Not quite crying into our hankies, but a lovely warm ‘John Lewis’ glow.

How did you approach the development of the campaign strategy?

Upon our initial collaboration with Coftons earlier this year, GJC conducted a thorough business audit to gain a clear understanding of the park’s strengths and opportunities. This analysis revealed important gaps in our marketing strategy—specifically, the lack of emphasis on guest experiences.
Throughout the year, our board and newly formed marketing team have increasingly prioritized guest experiences in our promotional efforts, resulting in a noticeable shift in our value proposition.
As the holiday season approached, a crucial time in our marketing strategy, we recognized the importance of resonating with our target audience. The idea of incorporating Santa, a universally beloved Christmas figure, emerged as a fun and captivating approach. Our aim was to highlight the enchantment of Coftons during the festive season, using the magical perspective of Santa’s visit.

What were the key elements of the campaign that contributed to its success?

The key was to use our deep understanding of our audience to storyboard the video into sections. The team completed this together and approached the Guest teams for further input. The campaign featured high-quality videography, a heartwarming storyline, and, most importantly, a connection to the unique offerings at Coftons. We wanted viewers to feel the warmth and joy associated with spending the holidays at our holiday park, which can be really tricky to convey in video and supporting social adverts. The team nailed it, I’m so proud of them for what they have achieved.

How did you ensure the video stood out amidst the holiday marketing noise?

Timing played a crucial role. We strategically launched the video at a time when people were actively seeking holiday inspiration. Leveraging social media platforms and optimising for search trends ensured that our campaign reached the right audience at the right moment. Additionally, the authenticity of the content resonated with viewers, making it shareable and increasing its reach organically.

Can you share any challenges faced during the campaign development and how you overcame them?

The main challenge we faced in our business was coming out of a very busy summer when we launched a new Kids Splash Pad and also relaunched Amelia’s Cafe to head straight into Winter and Christmas planning. We internally developed the strategy and concept and worked with the fantastic Jonny At Goya Productions to create the video. The marketing team put in tremendous effort to secure everyone’s agreement in record time. Through clear communication and a collaborative approach, we were able to overcome time constraints without compromising on quality.

What metrics or feedback have indicated the success of the campaign?

Whilst its still early days as the campaign only launched last week, there is an encouraging initial result with increased social engagement, and an increase in booking enquiries comparatively to other years. It’s gratifying to see the campaign not just sparking engagement, but also translating into tangible results for Cofton.

What advice do you have for other businesses looking to create impactful holiday campaigns?

Gain a deep understanding of your target audience, remain authentic to your unique selling proposition, and infuse your campaign with elements that set you apart. Do not be afraid to elevate your messaging and leave behind the standard benefit-led advertising at critical moments of the year. It’s crucial to break away from the crowd and make a lasting impression.

Embrace your creative thinking and tap into the expertise of fractional teams if needed. Remember, timing is everything – synchronise your campaign with the moments when your audience is most receptive to holiday-themed content, which seems to start earlier each year. Many seasonal campaigns are finalising their plans and review processes by the first week of September.

Want to watch the Christmas Video? Click here to view the christmas campaign video 

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