If you want to beat Brexit, be bold, be brave and be the best you can

Don’t mention politics, don’t mention parties and definitely don’t mention the ‘B word’.

They’re the basic rules for blogging at the moment and in normal circumstances those rules apply just fine. But here’s the thing … we are going to mention Brexit but only in a positive, constructive and opportunistic way, a way that will undoubtedly be good for your business.

Brexit has undeniably split the country and it will end up defining a generation but this piece here isn’t about spouting off on whether we’re leavers or remainers, this piece is about where we’re going to be left once it’s all done. When the dust has settled, what will the world look like and how will your business perform in a post Brexit economy?

As we’re writing this article we’re merely days away from a deadline and although there’s a huge amount of uncertainty, one thing is most definitely a ‘sure fire bet’ and that’s that things are going to change. But here’s the point, change isn’t always bad, change can be good, in fact, change can be great but only if you’re ready and in the right frame of mind.

People talk about the ‘B word’ being Brexit, but in our opinion B also stands for Bold, Brave and Best and that’s exactly how you should be preparing any business to be ‘Brexit ready’.

Accepting the fact that change is coming is an important starting point but once you’re there it’s important that businesses start being bold and brave and that’s about attitude. Business owners must have that confidence in themselves but they must also instill it in their staff, the sort of attitude that will carry any business through challenging times … this is going to be vital.

But once you’re mentally set, the emphasis of your business needs to turn and focus on being the best, in fact the very best you can be. Cruffs, the world’s greatest dog show sums it up perfectly when they hand out the awards for Best in Breed and that is exactly what any business needs to be aiming for in this upcoming Brexit world.

But to be the best requires a degree of analysis. Nothing too serious but you need a distinct understanding of your market and most importantly, your competitors. You see being the best is merely a comparison and it puts you ahead of everyone else in your field.

But to be the ‘efficient best’ is the ultimate. Being a hundred times better than your competitors is great but it’s actually very similar to being three times better than them. The outcome is the same … you’re the best, you’re the number one. It’s about getting your ‘nose’ in front not necessarily the rest of your face, your whole head and the rest of your body. That’s about efficiency.

You see no one knows what this world will look like for businesses in the next twelve months but preparation in everything. However at GJC we’re suggesting to clients that as the Brexit nerves start to kick in, make sure that you take a minute to accept that the letter B can also stands for ‘Bold’, ‘Brave’ and ‘Best’.

If you’d like to discuss how you can get out in front of your competition, come and talk to us at GJC, we can help you get there.