How Guest Reviews Could Be Key In Driving Your Hotel Turnaround

Having a guest feedback system in place should form a crucial role in your hotel.
As a hotel management company helping hotels market themselves well to reduce the reliance on OTA’s is a key part of where we can help. In today’s digital age, potential guests often turn to online reviews to inform their booking decisions. A higher rating and a greater number of positive reviews can significantly boost your hotel’s credibility. In contrast, negative reviews can drive potential guests away. In fact, studies have shown that more than 90% of travellers read reviews before making a reservation.

So, by actively managing your online reputation, you can influence booking decisions and attract more guests.

As a hotel owner, you should be relishing the good, the bad and the ugly. Feedback can be a key indicator of how well your hotel is performing, enabling you to make informed decisions and improvements.

Why should I invest in guest reviews?

Guest reviews are not just a collection of comments and star ratings; they are valuable sources of information. Each review represents a guest’s experience and provides unique insights into what your hotel does well and where it can improve. When you pay attention to these comments, you gain access to valuable data that can help you make informed decisions about your business. Remember getting feedback from your guests can also help you identify and mitigate any issues before they become big problems, allowing you to save your hotel from negative reviews in the first place.

The Good…..

Guest satisfaction levels directly impact loyalty. Guests who’ve had a positive experience are more likely to recommend your hotel, turning them into ambassadors and thus contributing to word-of-mouth referrals, in turn reducing your marketing spend. Use these recommendations as part of your marketing collateral and future social posts. Social proof is a powerful tool in the marketer’s armoury.

The Bad……

Unhappy guests can have a negative effect because they can lead to negative reviews, which can damage your reputation. They pinpoint areas where your hotel might be falling short, giving you a chance to make improvements. Instead of ignoring or taking these reviews personally, use them as constructive criticism.

Remember that an unhappy guest who provides feedback is still an opportunity to win them over.
Respond to these reviews promptly and professionally, showing that you value their input and are committed to making changes. Research shows that guests are more likely to choose your hotel if they see management has proactively sought to respond and deal with negative reviews online. Don’t leave them with zero response.

The Easy Wins…

Once a guest has left a review, whether it’s good or bad, always make sure a named individual responds quickly, and let the reviewer know how important their feedback is to you. Guests appreciate when their concerns are acknowledged and addressed, even if it’s after their stay. This trust can lead to loyalty, with satisfied guests becoming repeat customers and brand advocates. Happy guests are more likely to leave glowing reviews and recommend your hotel to friends, family, and colleagues.

Pass the feedback on

Putting into place a system for getting feedback starts by listening to your guests and being sure that you have the right tools to monitor guest satisfaction levels. You may even consider giving them a discount or an incentive to leave a review.

Once the feedback has been received, you want to make sure your staff know what to do should there be any action needed. Make sure you have a smooth and quick resolution to the problem to keep it from recurring and turning into a negative review.

Using reviews and satisfaction as a KPI

Customer feedback is a dynamic resource that allows you to continually improve your hotel. Regularly analysing feedback helps you identify trends, track performance over time, and make data-driven decisions. Whether it’s upgrading your facilities, refining your service standards, or training your staff, feedback serves as a compass for your hotel’s growth.

Make sure the process is quantifiable, setting objectives across departments, to monitor how well your team is progressing over time. The easiest way to manage the whole process is through software that can help with guest engagement.

Use guest feedback to grow your hotel revenue

The magic of customer feedback is not just in its ability to reveal the pulse of your hotel but in its power to drive a remarkable turnaround. By actively engaging with guest reviews, you can transform negative feedback into positive change and positive feedback into a loyal customer base. Remember, satisfied guests become your best marketing tool, and their reviews can make all the difference in driving your hotel’s success. Embrace the magic of customer feedback and watch your hotel flourish in an age where guest satisfaction is paramount.

Want to know our top 5 recommendations for Guest Review Platforms?

1 Google
2 TripAdvisor
4 Expedia

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