GJC bring in business streamlining expert

The fast growth business consultancy GJC has appointed Simon Davey as a Continuous Improvement Manager as it prepares to help clients tackle the new way forward.

With over 20 years of experience as a production specialist, Simon’s role as a Continuous Improvement Management is to help businesses move on to the next level by refining all aspect of production and reducing unessential costs. Ultimately Simon’s job is to improve everything within the business and increase profit, which he has an impressive track record of.

Most recently Simon has undertaken a similar role at the high street retail chain Holland and Barrett where he spearheaded day-to-day operations which included overall management of an extensive Improvement Plan which generated £4million of annual savings.

The plan, which included reporting into the Board, it’s members and stakeholders, saw a new fulfilment warehouse built specifically to tackle a surge in digital orders during the pandemic and the streamlining of Monthly Trading Reports, while also feeding in to the mid and long-term business plan for the company.

Simon is an expert at achieving measurable and sustainable results using well known processes such as Lean Six Sigma, Kaizen, Continuous Improvement and Agile. He prides himself on being able to forge solid relationships with partners while building consensus across multiple levels.

In addition to Holland and Barrett, Simon also has extensive experience with the likes of Canon, the imaging and print specialist and Molson Coors, the global brewing giant which owns the likes of Carling, Worthington and Cobra beer.

Commenting on the new appointment, GJC CEO Gavin Jones said: “Simon’s appointment is an extremely positive one for us at GJC as it starts to offer our clients something very different and very important. Every business wants to improve and when it comes to production of any kind Simon is an expert with an exemplary track record. In simple terms, Simon’s skill is being able to look at any manufacturing business and see savings, improvements and increased profit. Going forward this sort of ability is going to be worth its weight in gold as businesses looks to recover from recent tough times.”