Don’t chase great opportunities; Let great opportunities find YOU

In the business world today, networking with other business owners is essential to success, but have you ever noticed there is one person repeatedly attending or talked about at these events? And why become one of these people?

Becoming one of these people, a ‘Key Person of Influence’, is in itself a job which requires time, financial investment, effort and commitment. You will need to work outside of your business building up relationships with other likeminded business owners, who you trust and can work both with and for. To be successful in this, you need a strong personal statement, a solid power statement, the time to keep these relationships active and the confidence to have new conversations.

If you aren’t happy chasing revenue, spending time pursuing opportunities, and don’t want to continually feel undervalued then maybe you need to consider spending the time and effort needed to become a ‘Key Person of Influence’. To show clear commitment and to differentiate yourself from others seeking this role within the business world there are several options you should consider. Seeking media opportunities, such as case studies about your own business, providing expert opinions and social media connections. Take on speaking opportunities at business events, and better still create your own events with a clear aim and reason to these. Join established networking groups, or create your own. Networking groups can provide continuous opportunities and contacts.