Cook up a successful brewery collab

Team sat around an oval table talking about ideas for a customer journey and documenting it on a whiteboard

Collaborations have become an essential part of today’s marketing landscape. Teaming up with another brand can significantly boost your business by spreading awareness and exploring new markets. Social media collaborations and various joint marketing endeavours, like event partnerships, are among the different collaboration options available.

Successful collaboration relies on understanding each partner’s customers, their unique needs, interests, demographics, and shared goals. Finding the right partners is key to a successful approach. Even though partners don’t have to be identical, aligning objectives is crucial for creating a sincere partnership that brings value to both sets of audiences.

If your business is new to social media, collaborating with a brand or influencer that has a strong social presence, can offer valuable insights and vital leverage for brand awareness. This not only minimises risks but also increases the chances of gaining followers, especially if both parties share similar values and interests. These brands or influencers could be anyone from actors to musicians or even individuals who are popular on social media. Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are the hot spots for this trend.

There have been a few examples of where craft beers have been propelled into the spotlight through some great collaborations, really setting these breweries apart in the marketplace. The beauty lies in the uniqueness of the ideas, which often lead to successful outcomes.

Muskoka Salty Caramel Truffle

Beer and ice cream…a match made in heaven. Well, this partnership between Ontario craft brewer Muskoka and ice cream maker Kawartha Dairy worked well.

This new brew was a beer inspired by Kawartha’s popular Salty Caramel Truffle ice cream. The beer had a milk chocolate flavour thanks to roasted malt, and was also infused with salted caramel for a unique taste. A can of this brew was only available for a restricted time which created an instant demand in buyers.  The brand’s first Facebook post about the new product garnered over 500 likes, 118 shares, over 200 comments, and the attention of several publications in Canada.

Metrics such as likes, shares, comments, search volumes, media features, increased production, and additional projects serve as benchmarks to measure the reception and triumph of these brewery collaborations.

To enhance collaboration among brands, Instagram has introduced an exciting new feature called ‘Collab’. This feature allows users to create collaborative posts across their accounts, enabling both partners to share the same photo or video on their feeds or reels. The best part is that both partners’ usernames are prominently displayed on the post, ensuring visibility to all their followers. This simplifies the process of collaborations, eliminating the need for separate postings by each party. Bringing both audiences together not only enhances collaboration, but also provides a remarkable opportunity for influencers and brands to expand their follower base. With advancements in social media technology making their way across various platforms, collaboration is becoming more accessible than ever before.

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